4 Signs You Need a New Concrete Driveway

Driveways are your first impression when someone is entering your property. They’ll notice if it’s beautiful and well maintained, or cracked and uneven. If your driveway is suffering from the latter, it may be time to invest in a new driveway.

There are many reasons (beyond cosmetic) as to why fixing or replacing your driveway can be beneficial. Cracks and potholes can become safety concerns if left untouched, and sitting water can cause unwanted bugs and damage to occur. To help make this decision a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 4 signs you need a new concrete driveway.

Signs You Need a New Driveway

Deciding to replace your concrete driveway can be a big decision. But if your driveway is showing any of these 4 signs, immediate action is important. If you leave your driveway damaged, it will only cause further unwanted damage, which will certainly warrant a new driveway over time. Maintenance is key, but sometimes the damage is beyond repair. Here are the top 4 signs you may need a new concrete driveway.

Cracks in Concrete

There are many causes of cracks in your concrete driveway. In the warm weather, concrete will expand. And in the cold weather, the concrete contracts. This causes cracks in your concrete over time. Heavy machinery or a lot of automobiles on your driveway can also cause cracks. If your concrete already has cracks that haven’t been repaired, the weather and elements will have easy access to seep inside and cause even more cracking. Cracks will also lead to water damage, which is discussed in the drainage section. You’ll want to repair cracks as soon as you spot them. The longer you wait, the shorter the lifespan of your concrete driveway.


Potholes are another red flag on your concrete driveway. These holes can pose a safety risk to your car and your family. Like cracks, potholes usually form by the expanding and contracting of the concrete in the hot and cold temperatures. Wintertime can be especially detrimental to concrete. If you repair a pothole in its early stages, you may be able to extend the lifespan of your concrete driveway. But if you wait too long, potholes will grow and repair will be near impossible. At that point, you will likely need a new concrete driveway.

Issues With Drainage

Proper drainage is very important for your concrete driveway. If your driveway cannot properly direct water, very serious issues can arise. A properly sloped driveway will direct all water off of it. If your driveway is cracked, uneven, or full of potholes, the water will not drain appropriately, causing water to become stagnant on the surface. This can cause plant growth, mold, and bugs in the warmer weather. It will also seep into the cracks and cause icy conditions in the winter. Paveman further details why sitting water on your concrete driveway is an issue.

Old Age

If your concrete driveway is nearing the end of its lifespan, repairing the arising issues may be a waste of time and money. The lifespan of a concrete driveway usually ranges from about 30-50 years, depending on how well it’s maintained. If you are nearing these last years, and most of the driveway looks worn or is damaged in multiple places, it may be time to invest in a new concrete driveway.

Is it Time For a New Driveway?

Now that you know the signs, it’s time to check out your existing concrete driveway. Are there cracks or potholes present? Is the rain able to drain off of it properly? Or is your driveway suffering from old age? Any of these issues will require immediate action, whether it’s fixing the issue or replacing the entire driveway. If you are unsure what kind of driveway material to choose, take a look at our article outlining the pros and cons of concrete vs. asphalt. Staying alert and aware of your driveway’s condition is important, as proper maintenance is key for your driveway investment.

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June 12, 2024